About Sassafrass

Hello from Sarah, a.k.a. Sassafrass! I create my work right in my home studio in Somerville, MA. I have been experimenting with watercolor since about 2007 when I took an “exploration of painting” class as part of my M.F.A. It was out of this environment that my focus on watercolor experimentation began. Early inspiration was drawn from glass objects, creating textures, capturing light and color. I’ve enjoyed putting a twist on some of these glass characters by placing them in multi-panel paintings that tell a little humorous story.

Over the past three years, my work has evolved into more mixed media, abstract work. Nature and vibrant colors are my inspiration. I have been combining the watercolor patterns of my backgrounds with organic, abstract shapes and lines. I play with cutouts of shapes and add in elements of gold paint, and/or pen and ink. The paintings usually “tell” me what they need through the process. We fight, we break up, and then finally we get back together and the result is the finished piece.